Follow these four simple steps for a bottle drive 


Step 1

Put Your Team Together


Step 2

Register Your Bottle Drive Account


Step 3

Establish the Best Collection Method

    Neighbourhood Pick-Up

  • Drop off flyers in your community that ask people to leave their containers in front of their houses.
  • Then, when your event day comes around, simply swing by and pick them up.

    Central Site Collection

  • Find a good central location such as school, church or parking lot.
  • Then, let people come to you with their empty containers.

    Bulk Account

  • Let your supporters to come to R&T Bottle Depot & Recycling Centre and return empty containers any time they want.
  • Let us know who you are supporting for. Provide us the name of your group.
  • Your refund money will go straight to your group’s account until your group decides to take it out.

Step 4

Spread the Word & Get Social


To find out more about Bottle Drives, visit Encorp Pacific at